Broker Principal Representation Policy:
Al Davis Sales & Associates is a company with a strong background of excellence in each particular area of it's operation. We believe in a strong commitment to service and meet the challenges of this extremely competitive consumer products industry.
The team of Al Davis Sales & Associates will represent your company with a confident attitude and assure you we have all the tools necessary to be successful in gaining distribution on your product line. It is our pledge to offer your company the highest level integrity and professionalism achievable.
When negotiating, we shall report to the principal if credit risks are warranted and lend complete and regular assistance in effecting prompt and full payments by the customer. We shall adhere to the principal's schedule of prices, terms, and conditions of the sale and upgrade orders whenever possible. We maintain up-to-date price and promotional data and notify the customer of terminating allowances and price changes upon notification from the principal.
Being the aggressive company we are we meet all the high standards put forth in selling and promoting the manufacturer's products. Our hard work, dedication and commitment to perfection, will reflect in a successful sales picture in the marketplace we serve.

"Our Hard Work, Dedication And Commitment To Perfection, Will Reflect In A Successful Sales Picture In The Marketplace We Serve"